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Goddess Temple at the WellSprings

The Goddess Temple of Ashland is a sanctuary for the nurturance of the divine feminine in all people. 

The Goddess Temple of Ashland is open 1-6pm Wednesdays through the Winter until April 15th 2023

Contact: Graell 541-601-8983

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Thru the daily practice of love and devotion,
we assist people to birth their authentic selves by celebrating the belief in ceremony with the
Sacred Elements.

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The Goddess Temple of Ashland expresses herself as an elemental temple, honoring the medicine of the Seasonal Wheel.


Through respect for the landscape and ourselves,

the Temple Dome and Sanctuary rests each year after Samhain and reblossoms at Spring.


This is a sustainable model that gifts us the opportunity to fully engage and embody into the alignment of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


Many of our Temple Melissae travel to share their inspiration received while Serving, and others choose to go into a deep introspective journey gestating what is stirring to be born anew in the coming year.

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Goddess Temple Events

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Compromise Dance FEB 13th. (WellSprings Community Room)

Looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Wyld man and Lovely lady of the Wood?

Graell & Elvré Valendar

Compromise Dance

Come+promise yourself
to evolve your relationship this Valentines weekend!

A therapeutic romantic support practice for increasing communication, and raising the frequency of love within a vessel of safety and companionship.

Feed yourself with the nutrition of this sacred movement practice and leave your dinner bill behind.

Introduce intimacy foreplay thru increasing passion with dance communion.

Beginners welcome!

Feb 13
5pm - 9pm
Couples Only
Aphrodisiac Elixirs Included
PRE-registration only

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Midwifing the Veils is an immersive training in the Priestess Arts, & initiation into what it truly means to be in service as a Guardian of the Gateways & Keeper of the Thresholds. 


…Womyn’s Rites of Passage…


Thru this training, you will learn and receive tools to Priestess, attend, and support the 9 major Gateways of Life.


What is included: 


    •    9 Days of Sisterhood, Ceremony, & Wisdom Transmissions. 

    •    Daily Educational Sharings Exploring the 9 Major Thresholds of a FAAB person in ancient and modern times 

    •    Movement Practice Every Morning

    •    Ceremony & Ritual Every Evening

    •    Midwifing the Veils e-Guidebook and Moon Seeds printed planner 

    •    Intimate Connection with Sisters Who Share your Same Love of the Goddess

    •    Daily Superfood Shakes, plus one Vegan Gluten-Free Meal for one Evening Dinner 

    •    One Night Group Sleepover

    •    One Late Night private Soak, Sauna, Steam in the WellSprings Spa


Location - the WellSprings large comfortable easy to find beautiful Dance and Yoga Space in Ashland Oregon. 


Sample Schedule:

Each day of the training is focused on one of life's 9 major thresholds: Birth, Blood, Sex, Marriage, Parenting, Divorce, Sovereignty, Death, & Rebirth. The daily offerings are tailored to this specific initiatory rite. 


*10-10:30am: Superfood Shake and Check in Circle 

10:30-12:30: Movement Practice focused on Threshold 

*12:30-2:30: Lunch/Integration 

2:30-5: Intellectual Transmission

*5-7pm Dinner/Integration 

7-9pm Threshold Ceremony

(The Goddess is flexible and circular, this schedule may shift a bit)


Call Priestess Graell of the Goddess Temple of Ashland


To Register.

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