International Qero's Foundation Fundraiser

9/19 5:00PM Outdoors in the Sacred Meadow

"Come and engage in a Global Meditation for Wellness and Peace, hosted by the International Q'eros Foundation, featuring the Ancient Crystal Skull, "RAINBOW" on the Equinox weekend of September 19th, at 5:00pm.


Located in the Main Meadow area of Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland, there will be plenty of space for social distancing (outside). The event begins with a short talk and introduction to RAINBOW, whom has been tested by Bell Laboratories and General Electric and was found to be an anatomically correct, teen-aged, homo-erectus skull. It was determined that "She" was created against the grain of the quartz, which is thought to be not possible, as quartz will shatter. Opportunities to schedule personal sessions with RAINBOW will also be available.


Following the conversation about Ancient Crystal Skulls, immerse yourself in a live Crystal Bowl Sound Garden for meditation with RAINBOW, for Global Wellness and Peace..

After the meditation, the event opens up for an opportunity to Drum and Dance for Global Wellness and Peace. Bring your drums and percussion instruments & offer your rhythms to enjoin with community, for these very challenging times for all in the world.

All reciprocity and proceeds for the event will go directly to support the Indigenous Q'eros peoples of the High Andes. The Q'ero are direct bloodline descendants of the high priests of INKA, whom disappeared for nearly 500 years and emerged in the 1950's. Jackson Wellspring hosted Don Rolando Sonnco from Q'eros, last year with his offerings of ceremony and Solar transmissions. We hope the Q'ero will be able to return next year, with all things considered.

Tickets are available the day of event and in advance at the Jackson Wellsprings office (when open)
Ayni (reciprocity)= $10
Family friendly and children under 13 are free 
The IQF is a registered non-profit .org"-International Q'eros Foundation.

For Information on Tickets, please contact the Foundation at iqf.shasta@yahoo.com



Altar of Love Weekend

Heart Songs Concert 

with Lakshmi and Ananda

Friday 9/18
5pm-7:30pm: Sacred Chant and Heart Songs Concert with band

Christo Pellani on drums & Richard Cole on bass

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda offer a combination of kirtan (call and response singing), bhajan (devotional hymns) and original singer/songwriter compositions in the languages of English, Sanskrit and Gurbani.  Alternating guitar, harmonium, keyboard, bansuri flutes and vocal weaving, they create a profound healing and balanced sound current (Naad) brimming with bhakti (devotion).  They are known for their powerful blend of modern and ancient soundscapes that touches the heart and invokes a meditative and connected state.

"Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda’s tremendous and rare gift of devotion, song, and talent comes through their music so effortlessly. It affects my soul in such a deep way. When I listen to their music, my heart opens instantly, and I know that their voice, music, and presence will bring thousands into a space of deep happiness and healing."
~ Simrit Kaur (Kundalini Mantra Singer)

Full Weekend Schedule

Friday 9/18
5pm-7:30pm: Sacred Chant and Heart Songs Concert (with band-Christo Pellani on drums & Richard Cole of bass)

Saturday 9/19
9am-11am: Sattva Himalayan Kundalini Yoga Journey (Class) led by Ananda Yogiji
1pm-4pm: Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing

Sunday 9/20
9am-11am: Sattva Himalayan Kundalini Yoga Journey (Class) led by Jaya Lakshmi
1pm-3pm: Singing and Mantra Class
5pm-7pm: Kirtronica-Ecstatic Dance and Chant

Jackson WellSprings

2253 Highway 99 N.

Ashland OR, 97520



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