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Samuel J. April 25, 7PM-9PM

WellSprings Outdoor Sacred Meadow Stage


His unique soul touching voice, gracious melodies and deeply moving lyrics are in-captivating hearts around the world.

There is an old wisdom that runs through this music, that speaks to people on a core level, reminding of us of who we truly are beyond our constricting beliefs and stories. Many people identify with Samuel's incredible love and respect of all people and the importance of nature, a thread which shines through in his music. Samuels empowering songs are part of the beautiful movement happening on the planet right now, that is guiding us back to our true home - back into the light….

For info contact Lloyd Barde Productions: 415.847.1144 RelaxPansion Fest 2021 is about to be launched for June 18-21, also at Jackson WellSprings

Tickets at Music Coop downtown Ashland or online via BrightStar Events: 

Jackson WellSprings

2253 Highway 99 N.

Ashland OR, 97520



Directions: Please Note Google Maps has our address incorrect. Please follow the directions below in order to arrive at the correct address.

The WellSprings is on the north end of Ashland. One of our entrances is off W. Jackson Rd. Ashland, OR. The other Entrance is off Highway 99. and South Valley View Rd. 

From the intersection of Highway 99 and South Valley View Rd. head North on Highway 99, you will see a sign on the left side of the road that reads Jackson Hot Springs.

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