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WellSprings offers the quintessential ingredients for building strong and healthy bodies

rich soil, clean air, and healing water.

Situated in the floodplain of Bear Creek, the property’s river bottom loam has been enriched over time with minerals from he Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges, thereby facilitating the cultivation of nutritious vegetables and medicines.  The US Geological Survey has registered WellSprings soil as “Class I,” a category that exemplifies quality mineral content and tilth. Three of eight Wellsprings’ acres that have been awarded “organic certification”by Oregon Tilth and are intensely cultivated, furnishing most of the restaurant’s food and culinary herb requirements. There are several area of flourishing gardens to view numerous species of medicinal cultivators

 The unique geographical and climactic features of the Siskiyou-Kalmiopsis bioregion – a collection of fertile valleys and microclimates protected between two North-Southerly mountain ranges – invite botanical diversity that is unprecedented in the Northern temperate hemisphere. At the turn of the Twentieth Century the City of Ashland captured its abundant botanical heritage in its motto, “Where the palm trees meet the pines.” Only thirteen other regions on the planet offer greater species diversity than found in the Southern Oregon location. It is WellSprings’ intention for its entire 35 acres to flourish into a botanical garden and seed bank that demonstrates, and protects, the biodiversity of the world’s 14th most prolific region.  WellSprings’ warm water springs increase its ability of grow subtropical varieties, making the property ideal for establishing aesthetic botanical and water garden features, a valuable addition to any healing center. 

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