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WellSprings unique “flow-through” circulation system – a relic from the past, allows  the continual supply of fresh artesian water to enter the swimming and soaking  pools. At this time, only five other flow-through systems remain in Oregon.  The cleanliness and freshness of our pools are a testament to WellSprings’  commitment to water quality. Where most public and private swimming facilities  change their water once or twice yearly, and rely on harsh chemical additive to maintain water and mineral balance, WellSprings relies on Nature to deliver water quality and vibrancy. In addition to a continual supply of fresh water provided by  the flow-through system, WellSprings 80,000 gallons of daily artesian flow allows  WellSprings to fully drain, clean, and refresh its Olympic sized swimming pool on a  weekly basis, and its warm water soaking pool on a twice-weekly basis.

The spa facility is closed for cleaning every Monday, when the pools are drained,  pressure washed, then refilled with fresh artesian water. The spa reopens Monday  evenings at 6 pm for Ladies Night.

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