WellSprings Membership and Passes

WellSprings is a members-only facility. A $5 annual membership fee is charged to help maintain the facility. You have the option to waive this fee on the first visit. From this fee, two dollars are tax-deductible and applied to the Health Research Institute on-site Non-Profit to help maintain the Mikvah, sacred garden meadow, and other mission-related projects.

New Soaking Price Guidelines:

In order to abide by current COVID-19 state and local guidelines for pools, WellSprings can only take clients by reservation. Each reservation is for 2.5 hours, this includes use of the pool, hot soaking tub, sauna, and steam room.


With our current reservation system, we are not able to offer child, student, or senior discounts for 1-time pass purchases. We apologize for any inconvenience and are looking for ways to remedy this situation. For the time being a 2.5-hour pass is $10 for each client. Children 3 and under do not need a reservation and do not need to pay a fee, they will be included with an adult pass.


Discounts for Children, Students, and Seniors will still be honored when a 10 punch pass is purchased. You may purchase a 10 punch pass before you make a reservation from our online store.

Soaking Prices:

One Session Pass

2.5 Hour Day-Time Session All Ages



2.5 Hour Night-Time Session 18+ Only


10 Pass Punch Cards   (Expires after 3 years)

Can only be used with the person whose account it is purchased under, you may not pass 10 punch cards among clients.

$35- Child 4-12

$60- Student 13-18

$60- Senior 65+

$75- Adult 

WellSprings will no longer be offering monthly or yearly pass options. If you purchased a monthly or yearly pass before the WellSprings closed due to COVID-19, please contact the office if they have not already contacted you to discuss how they will be honored. office@jacksonwellsprings.com 541-482-3776.

Membership Facility:

WellSprings is a members-only facility. A one-time, $5 annual membership fee is charged to help maintain the facility. From this fee, two dollars are tax-deductible and applied to the Health Research Institute to help maintain the Mikvah and sacred garden meadow and other mission-related projects.

Ladies Night: Every Monday night is ladies night (Girls under 9 years old are welcome until 9PM)  (6:00PM-11:30PM) the facility is closed every Monday until 6:00PM for cleaning.

WellSprings Guidelines

Jackson WellSprings

2253 Highway 99 N.

Ashland OR, 97520



Directions: Please Note Google Maps has our address incorrect. Please follow the directions below in order to arrive at the correct address.

The WellSprings is on the north end of Ashland. One of our entrances is off W. Jackson Rd. Ashland, OR. The other Entrance is off Highway 99. and South Valley View Rd. 

From the intersection of Highway 99 and South Valley View Rd. head North on Highway 99, you will see a sign on the left side of the road that reads Jackson Hot Springs.

Contact: All of our client correspondence is being done via email at this time.

Phone messages will not be responded to.


Please email events@jacksonwellsprings.com with any questions or inquiries.

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