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Soak . Steam . Sauna .

At the WellSprings

WellSprings’ Olympic-sized swimming pool receives 80,000 gallons daily of naturally alkaline, mineral water. Situated in an oasis garden setting, the spa facility is equipped with warm water soaking pool, private tubs, steam room, and sauna. 

WellSprings’ naturally warm, spring-fed pools provide year ’round family swimming and soaking. A spacious warm water soaking pool is situated next to the Olympic sized swimming pool. Eighty thousand gallons of fresh water pour daily into the flow-through pools, obviating the need for chlorine. The alkaline nature of the water with a pH of 9.3 discourages bacterial growth, again, obviating the requirement for chemical additives. A steam room and sauna complete the package to insure a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience. Private soaking tubs are also available.

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