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Sauna & Steam


Like the rapid turnover of water that our artesian springs afford the swimming pools, WellSprings recognizes the vital importance of frequent turnover of fluids in our bodies. Throughout time, physicians and healers have promoted imbibing generous amounts of water, both as a means of nourishing cells and carrying waste products (the byproducts of cellular metabolism) from our bodies.


Recognizing the importance of eliminating minerals, water, and toxins from the skin, WellSprings invites customers to use its dry sauna. The remainder of the health equation is comprised of fluid and mineral replacement, accompanied by frequent showering. Towards this effort, WellSprings recently completed an overhaul of its public drinking water system, in order to equip its customers with delicious and nutritious mineral water for drinking and showering. The importance of alternating hot and cold cannot be overemphasized, specifically, cold showers or a cool plunge in the swimming pool between saunas.  



A separate water source delivers cool and refreshing water from a hillside spring to the steam room. The importance of water vapor to skin and hair vitality, and to the upper respiratory system – namely, the sinuses, nasal passages, and bronchial tree, is undervalued. The steam room is celebrated by local residents exposed to Southern Oregon’s cool, damp winters, and by skiing and boarding enthusiasts after an invigorating workout on the Mount Ashland. Alternating steam with frequent showers and cool plunges are encouraged

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