The “Tree of Life” garden and vegetable gardens, along with the other Tilth Certified acres, reside under the auspices and protection of the Health Research Institute (HRI). HRI is a non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable trust that is dedicated to the principles of imparting personal responsibility towards the restoration of human and planetary health.  The viability of the gardens depends largely upon support from our local community.  Volunteer programs, along with internship and apprenticeship programs, have contributed significantly to the development and success of the WellSprings environmental restoration and educational projects.

To demonstrably impart the valuable role plants play in restoring health and vitality, WellSprings plans to prepare tinctures and fluid extracts, tonics and syrups, creams and lotions, aromatics and soaps, that will be incorporated into botanical and water therapies.

Sculptured in the shape of the Kabalistic Tree of Life, the specimen herb garden – or hortus medicus –  symbolizes the interrelation and interdependence of all forces within Nature and within the human body. Medicinal herbs have been systematic placed within the garden in the region that corresponds to the bio-energetic qualities of the plant, of the human energy system, and of Nature.  By studying the location of the plant in relation to the eleven spherot grid, the Tree of Life garden becomes a classroom where students are able to study botany, human anatomy and physiology, pharmacognosy, and the ancient Kabalah. The Hortus medicus features the botanical specimens that have served mankind in health over the last several thousand years.

Jackson WellSprings

2253 Highway 99 N.

Ashland OR, 97520


Directions: Please Note Google Maps has our address incorrect. Please follow the directions below in order to arrive at the correct address.

The WellSprings is on the north end of Ashland. One of our entrances is off W. Jackson Rd. Ashland, OR. The other Entrance is off Highway 99. and South Valley View Rd. 

From the intersection of Highway 99 and South Valley View Rd. head North on Highway 99, you will see a sign on the left side of the road that reads Jackson Hot Springs.

Contact: All of our client correspondence is being done via email at this time.

Phone messages will not be responded to.


Please email with any questions or inquiries.

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