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Water Analysis


Naturally Alkaline, Artesian, Mineral Hot Springs


Temperature: 103 degrees F / 39.4 C

pH: 9.3

Flow: 80,000 gallons daily

Antimicrobial, bacteriostatic, bactericidal

Hardness: 6.6 mg / L

Alkalinity, total (as CaC03): 64 mg / L

Dissolved solids: 340 ppm

Mineral Content:

Sodium: 108 mg / L

Chloride: 83 mg / L

Silica: 75 mg / L

Sulfate: 24 mg / L

Boron: 2.8 mg / L

Calcium: 2.6 mg / L

Fluoride: 2.0 mg / L

Potassium: 1.2 mg / L


Naturally Alkaline  


With a pH of 9.3, WellSprings water is highly alkaline. Nineteenth century eclectic  physicians recognized the value of consuming and bathing in alkaline water. Modern  science concurs that an alkaline blood pH (and consuming alkaline water) improves  efficiency in tens of thousands of enzymatic reactions required by the body on an  hourly basis to maintain health and vitality. Where a growing number of businesses  in the United States and Europe are promoting proprietary machines that delivery  alkaline water, WellSprings is blessed with naturally alkaline, artesian, mineral hot  springs water.  


Naturally Antimicrobial  


Alkalinity discourages viral, bacterial, and fungal growth and helps to explain the  bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties of WellSprings’ water.  Mineral water, for example the ocean, has been revered throughout time for fighting  skin disease and promoting wound healing. WellSprings’ water’s unique mineral  and salt contents – rich in sulfur - discourages microbial proliferation and  overgrowth. And like the ocean, WellSprings’ water is rich in both sodium and  chloride, as evidenced by the buoyancy of soakers and bathers.  The synergistic antimicrobial effects of high alkalinity and mineral content have  allowed WellSprings to avoid harsh chemical additives, such as chlorine and  bromine, in order to maintain cleanliness, freshness, and safety. After years of  meticulous research performed by WellSprings scientists and staff, State of Oregon  Environmental Health permitted WellSprings to remove itself from the chlorine  standard.

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