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Shentara Seven Day Retreat

Hosted By: Sean T. Fox of Shentara Wellness

Join Sean T Fox for a seven day journey of learning, cultivation and empowerment through Qigong, Chinese Medicine, voice activation and ceremony. Shentara Shamanic Daoist Medicine is a bridge between ancient ways of healing and modern medical understanding, working upon the physical, psychoemotional and spiritual levels of being.

With both theory and practice we will be learning the meridians of the body in a fun and easy way, combining meridian massage, moxibustion, mantras and much more. This retreat is perfect for bodyworkers, acupuncturists and healers who want to expand their skills and knowledge.

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Workshop Facilitator: Sean T. Fox of Shentara Wellness

Sean T Fox is a student and teacher of Life devoted to personal and global health. As an Acupuncturist, Hatha Yoga Instructor and Medical Qigong Teacher, Sean T has cultivated a broad perspective of wellness which weaves across centuries, continents and cultures. This all comes together with an open-hearted passion for being in service and sharing these gifts.

Please send a message to with your intent to sign up for the retreat. Please don’t hesitate to write with any questions or concerns you may have, and we will respond as soon as possible.