Join us for an introduction into the fundamental self-cultivation practices of Shentara Shamanic Daoist Medicine, open to everyone interested in weaving together ancient healing wisdom with modern-day understanding. The essence of this work involves cultivating ourselves as empowered practitioners through physical, vocal, mental and spiritual practice.

Sign Up at www.ShentaraWellness.com/workshop

The day unfolds through a ceremonial journey of Qigong, Meditation, Chinese Medicine Theory and Vocal Activation. Through clear and simple transmission we will learn important points and channels of the meridian system, practice massaging them on each other and create a practical framework for applying this knowledge in our own lives and in our work with others.

This is an exciting opportunity to broaden our perspectives of healing and gain new tools for cultivating and sharing our gifts with the world. The curriculum will be both theoretical and experiential, keeping a balanced flow between learning and practicing our skills.

We invite you to join this amazing community of people gathering at the sacred land of the Wellsprings for this Journey of Learning, Cultivation and Embodiment! We will enjoy a soak/sauna in the Wellsprings to relax and integrate at the end!

WHEN: Saturday, January 29th, 10am-7:30pm (two hour lunch break included) Soak at 9pm.

WHERE: Jackson Wellsprings, Ashland, Oregon

OFFERING: Payment for the entire Journey is by sliding scale between $77 and $144

Please contact Sean T at shentarawellness@gmail.com with any questions.

Sign Up at www.ShentaraWellness.com/workshop


Looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Wyld man and Lovely lady of the Wood?

Graell & Elvré Valendar

Compromise Dance

Come+promise yourself
to evolve your relationship this Valentines weekend!

A therapeutic romantic support practice for increasing communication, and raising the frequency of love within a vessel of safety and companionship.

Feed yourself with the nutrition of this sacred movement practice and leave your dinner bill behind.

Introduce intimacy foreplay thru increasing passion with dance communion.

Beginners welcome!

Feb 13
5pm - 9pm
Couples Only
Aphrodisiac Elixirs Included
PRE-registration only

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 10.48.31 AM.png

Permaculture Design Course
Weekends February 26 - May 8, 2022

Every other weekend, 12 day course

Location: Ashland, OR

Instructors: Hazel, Karen, Melanie with special guests Lion Waxman, Dan Wahpepah and Rhianna Simes.

This is the full foundational permaculture course offered around the world. This PDC is taught by the Siskiyou Permaculture team with lots of local knowledge and resources.  More information and registration: Permaculture Design Course




How does one live in this world with so much social, political and environmental instability? How do we shift to practices that drastically reduce carbon emissions, regenerate the fertility of the soil and restore the purity of our waters while providing for the needs of all the Earth’s populations? By taking a Permaculture Design Course (PDC), you can take positive steps and learn how to design and re-design our homes and communities to reduce our carbon footprint, become more resilient to a changing climate and be prepared for uncertain times.

Siskiyou Permaculture is offering the world renowned PDC beginning February 26th 2022. This is the 72 hour certificate course based on curriculum developed by Australian founders, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, with lots of local stories and examples from our Southern Oregon bioregions. Hazel Ward, Melanie Mindlin and Karen Taylor have over 60 years of combined experience teaching, consulting and coaching people on the principles and practices of Permaculture, and are passionate about sharing their knowledge. They will be joined by guest teachers, Lion Waxman, Dan Wahpepah, and Rhianna Simes.

Permaculture is a whole systems design philosophy used for the creation of regenerative human habitats and food production systems.  It has been applied worldwide at every level, from the inner city to urban and suburban developments, homesteading and agriculture to community planning and national policy. Permaculture offers tangible solutions to the many pressing ecological issues of our time, such as how to sustainably meet the basic needs of food, water, energy, shelter, how to vitalize our communities and restore our watersheds. It is both a land use ethic and community building movement which strives for the integration of human dwellings, energy systems, micro-climate, horticulture, micro livestock and animals, soils and water into stable, productive systems.  


The Siskiyou Permaculture PDC starts February 26th and runs every other weekend until May 8th. It meets in the spacious community room at the Wellsprings, allowing for some physical distancing. Discounted early registration is available through January 26th. To get more information or register for the course, visit siskiyoupermaculture.org. 


Siskiyou Permaculture is a collaboration of Tom Ward (aka Hazel), a renowned permaculture teacher, storyteller, counselor and social forester with over 40 years experience; Karen Taylor, a permaculture teacher, designer, rainwater and grey water consultant; and Melanie Mindlin, a permaculture teacher, project manager, home designer and community facilitator.  Siskiyou Permaculture also offers permaculture design services.

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